Shaun Wilson

Comedy / Drama / Advertising Director

I’m an Australian TV and commercial director.

Here are some things I’ve done.

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Episodes 1.05-1.08

Set in the inner sanctum of an evangelical megachurch run by the wealthy Quinn family, when their charismatic founder announces a US expansion, the collision between faith and ambition threatens to tear his family and church apart.

© 2024 Lingo Pictures

Romantic Getaway

Episodes 1.01-1.06

A couple steal from their boss to fund their IVF treatment, and find themselves pulled unwittingly into underground crime.

© 2022 Ranga Bee & Sky Studios


Episodes 1.01-1.04 · 2.01-2.06

A wealthy Londonite's life falls apart and she has to return to her hometown of Newcastle, Australia, and face the family and life she abandoned decades ago.

© 2021 Merman & Guesswork TV


Episodes 1.07 · 2.05-2.08
3.01-3.04 · 4.05-4.08

Shenanigans in a fictional small town with Luke McGregor & Celia Pacquola, for ABC and Sundance TV. Thirteen episodes across four seasons that included a pig, a hop festival, and a lot of frisbees.

© 2020 Guesswork TV & What Horse

The Young Offenders

Episodes 3.01-3.03

The disastrous adventures of two teenagers in Cork, Ireland. They don't know a lot, but they know how to get themselves in trouble.

© 2020 Vico Films

The Ex-PM

Episodes 2.01-2.06

Shaun Micallef returns as the ex-Prime Minister Andrew Dugdale, this time running for re-election. Nine existing characters in a new scenario, in six new episodes I directed.

© 2017 CJZ & Giant Baby


Two series of a short film-noir comedy series commissioned for ABC iview. I co-created and directed the show.

© 2014 Sky Machine & Latitude Films

The Calling Hours

A short horror-drama film, and proof of concept for a feature in development. Angela’s found someone that can give her that last conversation she never got to have with her dead husband.

© 2016 Sky Machine


The Unconformity

The Wanderer

Public Trustee

Just Stop


Secretly Dramatic

Gruen Pitch Winner